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Ladyboy Dating Guide Book

2012 June 1
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Posted by David

Ladyboys are a new and exciting experience for many guys. At first it can be quite a daunting thing to date one. There are lots of confusing questions, not to mention cultural differences. Whether you are looking to visit the far east or find a date in your own country, it can be quite difficult to tale that first step. This is where the guide book comes in handy. It covers all the questions you might have and gives a wealth of advice. Click Here! to check it out.

What you will find useful in the book are chapters covering everything such as how to spot the ‘good girls’ and common mistakes to avoid. You get the basics such as how to approach the topic of sex and how it differs from that with a genetic girl. It is all laid out very clearly and the writer is obviously a true expert in this field. He is one of those guys that has had loads of ladyboy girlfriends, without every paying, even in his home country.

The latter chapters deal with the more serious side of ladyboy dating. For example how to deal with introducing her to friends and family and dealing with a long distance relationship. This isn’t a smutty guide just about getting free sex, it is a well thought out book which can act as a blueprint to a successful transition from just dating genetic girls to dating the exotic 3rd gender.

The book has been updated now to include tips on the best places in Asia to visit and how to find dates the best way on Facebook. I wish I had read this 5 years ago when I was still starting out. It would of saved me a lot of time and a few awkward situations. If you are really considering dating ladyboys then this is really worth getting. It is a digital book (ebook), so you get it instantly. Click Here! to learn more.

Hey everyone

2012 June 1
Posted by David

My name is Mike and I have been interested in the third gender (transsexuals) ever since I met one in a club my mistake 10 years ago. I was travelling at the time and thought “what the hell, I’ll give it a try”. It was confusing but exciting and ever since then I have been interested in ladyboys and transgender women in general. The reason I have named this site after the Asia transsexuals is simply because that is my thing. I am not into western TS in any way. I used to visit Asia (especially Thailand), and I now live there with my ladyboy girlfriend.

Anyway this is a blog which I will try to keep updated. I have just started reading a good ebook on the subject so will post about that soon. I also hope to add more posts about life in Asia with a trans girlfriend to help anyone else considering the move.